I love dance. I love words. I'm trying to figure out my way through life better utilizing both. Join me on my journey here!  

Boldness Be My Friend

Boldness Be My Friend

Writing was the one constant in my life throughout my years of schooling, and I'm resurrecting it now.

Here's where I am: 

I love to write, and I love to dance. 

I struggle to write, and I struggle to dance. 

Here's where I want to be: 

Writing regularly to better understand and share my love for dance.

Dancing regularly, to express in dance as clearly and wholeheartedly as I do when I write. 

My instincts have, for a long time, been to plan and rationalize and dream, but question whether I'm qualified to do. Someone recently told me, I'm just dipping my toes from the edge of the water instead of diving in. So, here goes nothing - I'm diving in. 

"Boldness be my friend!
Arm me, audacity, from head to foot!" 

Act I, Scene IV William Shakespeare, Cymbeline


A Mirror to the Soul

A Mirror to the Soul